aaron and lyn philips write the home healthy blogHi and Welcome to the Home Healthy Blog.

We’re Aaron & Lyn Philips, and we started the Home Healthy Blog as a place to write and gather the information we’re learning on a daily basis about healthy living in our not-quite-empty nest. (We’re a family of six, with one still in school.)

It all begins with nutrition … your diet.

This is not a site about weight loss, although if you eat the right foods and stay active you really should not have an issue with weight. It’s about being healthy by getting back to natural whole foods living.

And when we do have an issue in our bodies, we’re not quick to run to doctors. We look for the natural remedy first.

The guiding philosophy for our family is:

Ditch the Docs and Do Health Yourself.”

Now, that doesn’t mean we see no value in the medical industry – but we recognize that’s what it is … an industry. It’s a business … a massive business. Keeping you well is their mission, but maybe not SO well that you need a lot less of their services?

Pharmaceutical dependency is at an all time high in the western world, and nowhere more so than in the U.S. And “Big Pharma” intend to keep it that way.

Our family just got off the bus a ways back, that’s all.

And we’ve never felt better.

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Aaron & Lyn

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