Okay, quick disclosure. This is a book review – but it’s going to read more like a fan letter. And we don’t apologize. This is hands down our favorite book on having a healthy eating lifestyle. When you publish something that claims to be The Healthiest Diet on the Planet, you’d better have the goods to back it up. And Dr. McDougall (once again) DOES.

About the Authors

dr john and mary mcdougall authorsWe were first introduced to Dr. John and Mary McDougall when we saw him interviewed as part of the landmark documentary film “Forks Over Knives”. We went hunting to find more of what he had to say, and we discovered his previous book “The Starch Solution”. Talk about eye-opening!

In the 1970’s Dr. McDougall was one of four MD’s at the Hamakua Sugar Plantation in Hawaii. He began to observe that the younger generation of Hawaiians were getting sicker with all kinds of complaints, while the older generation were in much better health. Over time he came to realize that the difference was the food they were eating. The older folk lived on a traditional whole food diet, while the younger had switched to a westernized diet of processed and fast food.

This started Dr. McDougall on a research journey that led him to his life’s work of helping people get well through nutrition. Now he prescribes food instead of medication, and the results are as different as night and day.

Dr. Mcdougall’s trademark motto  is: “It’s the food!

A Different Kind of “Diet Book”

the healthiest diet on the planet book coverThe Healthiest Diet on the Planet is Dr. McDougall’s latest book, and the first thing you need to know is that this is NOT another “fad diet” for weight loss. This is a change in your whole philosophy of good nutrition. It doesn’t involve counting calories or depriving yourself. In fact, Dr. McDougall encourages you to eat until you’re satisfied … and snack when you want to … just make sure you’re eating the RIGHT foods.

The Healthiest Diet on the Planet contains the most up-to-date information on how to get and stay healthy on a starch-based diet. Check out the subtitle: “Why the Foods You Love – Pizza, Pancakes, Potatoes, Pasta, and More – Are the Solution to Preventing Disease and Looking and Feeling Your Best”.

I know that sounds too good to be true … READ THE BOOK! It’s absolutely true.

Starch? … Really?

When people hear “starch-based diet”, their first reaction is very often “That can’t be good for you.” The reason is that there has been a lot of misinformation about starch over the years. What it is and what it does.

For example, how often have we been told that potatoes are fattening. This is 100% untrue. Potatoes are a starchy food that have sustained civilizations for centuries. Scientific tests have shown that you can live on potatoes alone quite well – they are chock full of almost all the nutrients your body needs. And as for being fattening … that’s only true because of how people serve them. If you fry them in oil, or load them with sour cream – sure, you’ll put on weight. But that is not the wonderful, healthy potato’s fault.

What’s in The Healthiest Diet on the Planet?

You don’t get a load of “fluff” … there is zero boring filler information that you don’t need. Here’s what you do get:

  • Chapter 1 – “There are Lies and Damned Lies”. Dr. McDougall begins by helping you to UN-learn a lot of nonsense about nutrition that you’ve been taught over the years. And he has the science to back it up. That title “Dr” in front of his name isn’t some honorary degree he got from a quack college; he’s a board-certified physician.
  • Chapter 2 – “The McDougall Story”. I gave you the 1 minute version above, but his journey is really one worth reading about. He tells his story from the beginning when he suffered a stroke as a teenager and decided to become a doctor. He tells about his years of frustration trying to practice medicine with drugs. And finally, his years of experience changing lives through proper nutrition.
  • Chapter 3 – “The Healthiest Diet Versus Fad Diets”. After you read this chapter, you’ll never be conned again. You may even be a little angry about the people getting rich from advice that harms people’s health.
  • Chapter 4 – “Red Light, Green Light”. This is the chapter that makes healthy eating SO easy. Dr. McDougall gives a crystal-clear guide to what you should be eating, and what should avoid. It’s literally as straightforward as “stop and go”.
  • Chapter 5 – “Recipes for the Healthiest Diet on the Planet”. The second half of the book is full of wonderful recipes for healthy eating. Dr. McDougall’s wife Mary has worked by his side for years, and she has compiled some of the most delicious ways to eat that are good for you. Here are a few: buckwheat pancakes, breakfast tortillas, baked potato skins, rainbow risotto, red lentil soup, green enchiladas, dairy-free lasagna and pizza, and more. They are delicious.

We recommend this book to everyone. Go and order a copy right now. If you have a Kindle, you can download it and start reading it 5 minutes from now. You can begin to change your life tomorrow morning.

If you’d like to get a taste of Dr. McDougall’s teaching about starch-based diets, click play on the video below. Grab yourself a cup of your favorite beverage – it runs for just over an hour, but it will be time very well spent. It will blow you away …


Click here to get your copy of The Healthiest Diet on the Planet. It will be the beginning of a whole new healthier you, and it literally could save your life.

If you’ve read the book, or other resources by Dr. McDougall, we’d love to hear your feedback. Leave a comment below.