foot soaks promote beautiful feetHave you tried treating your feet with herbal foot soaks? They can feel like a luxury, but they can also have great health benefits.

We tend to take our feet for granted, but when you think about it, they’re the foundation for our entire body. We stand on them all day long, and rely on them as our most basic and constant form of transportation.

They have to continually support our whole body weight, while in too many cases they are subjected to poor, unsupportive footwear (and even high heeled shoes).

It’s no wonder they can be aching by the end of a day …

But soreness may be just the first indicator of longer term and bigger problems. Poor footwear choices and neglecting basic care can lead to ingrown toenails, chronic back pain, sore knees and even misaligned hips.

Yo should really think about those footwear choices, particularly if you spend a lot of time on hard surfaces, like concrete.

Another wonderful way to care for your feet are regular DIY foot soaks in the comfort of your own home. They will make those sore feet feel loved, and relax your whole body.

What You’ll Need for Luxurious Foot Soaks

Not much!

1. A Basin

It need not be any special foot spa, or anything like that. You can just use any small wash tub, basin, or plastic container; even a large bucket will do. Just try to find something large enough so that you don’t have to bunch up your toes to fit.

2. A Kettle or Pot

You need something to boil water to fill up your foot bath. (Of course, be careful to let the water cool, and test the temperature so you don’t burn your feet!)

3. Epsom Salts

This is the main ingredient in good foot soaks. Epsom Salts are widely available at pharmacies and most grocery stores. They’re not expensive, and you can buy them in bulk quantities that should last you quite a while. These salts are so very relaxing, and at the same time they are therapeutic for drawing out toxins and impurities from your system.

4. Select Herbs

Choosing fragrant herbs will help make the experience of foot soaks even more enjoyable and relaxing, and some herbs can help combat foot odor or chronic sweaty feet.

We recommend the following that you might choose to try first: cinnamon, mint leaves, chamomile, orange or lemon pieces, sage, rosemary, lavender or thyme.

5. Essential Oils

These can be very invigorating. Try peppermint, sweet orange, bergamot and eucalyptus. (Grab our free eBook on essential oils.)

You should soak your feet for a good 15 to 20 minutes.

6. A Towel

Don’t forget to have a towel at the ready (preferably a big, luxurious, fluffy one!) Nothing will spoil a relaxing foot soak like having to walk precariously across the house to get a towel, while trying not to slip.

follow up foot soaks with lotion7. Lotion

Follow up by massaging in some quality aloe-based foot lotion, and your feet will feel wonderful, and ready to get back to their daily work of carrying you everywhere you need to go.