infected ingrown toenail pictureWhat’s even worse than an ingrown toenail? When that ingrown toenail gets INFECTED.

Keep in mind that the infection is only a symptom. The root problem, of course, is that ingrowing nail. If it is allowed to continue growing irregularly, you can experience infections repeatedly. So, you’re going to need a permanent cure for the ingrown toenail. (More about that at the end.)

Before you can do so, however, you need to deal with that infection.

3 Natural Home Treatments for An Infected Ingrown Toenail

Now, these are proven remedies, but you need to be patient; they’re not “instant” cures. Thankfully, they will be soothing and should alleviate the pain somewhat, and they will certainly support the natural healing process (the best home remedy available is always the body’s natural self-healing abilities).

1. Soak the infected ingrown toenail in warm water and sea salt.

This is a basic step – it will help reduce swelling and soften the surrounding tissue. Soak the infected area for 15 minutes several times a day. As you do, you’ll probably start looking forward to this routine, as it will improve your comfort.

2. A warm compress.

Some people try to drain the pus often building up around an infected ingrown toenail, in the same way as it’s popular advice to lance a boil. But in both cases, the advice is wrong. It often makes the infection worse and can extend its duration. Furthermore, draining the infection can cause bleeding, which delays the healing process.

A far better option for relieving the pressure is to apply a warm compress, and allow the liquid sac to burst on its own.

Finally …

3. Tea Tree Oil.

tea tree oil for infected ingrown toenailThe properties in tea tree oil can be extremely effective in supporting and accelerating the body’s healing process. Tea tree oil is both an antibacterial and a natural antibiotic. It will fight the bacteria behind the infected ingrown toenail.

Just add a few drops of tea tree oil to the warm compress each time you apply it.

For a particularly soothing lotion, mix ½ tea spoon of tea tree oil with 4 ounces of aloe vera gel in a spray bottle. You can spray the affected area several times a day.

The Long Term Cure

Again, let me stress, ingrown toenail infections are merely a symptom. The cause is that irregular nail. So once you’ve got the infection under control, you should turn your attention to a permanent cure.

Many people who suffer from ingrown toenails have become accustomed to them recurring in spite of treatments and even surgeries. They come to accept them as just a part of life. It’s sad, because it does not have to be so …

The long term answer is to re-train the ingrown toenail to grow correctly.